Recycled Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Plain Fabric(RE14476)


Recycled Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Plain Fabric

Discover the softness of cotton fused with the natural feel and weight of hemp. These signature fabrics are the best of both worlds and are available in a wide array of weights, designs, and colours. Always eco-friendly, our hemp and organic cotton blends are sophisticated, modern, and relaxed

  • Code: RE14476
  • 28% Hemp / 24% Organic Cotton / 48% Recycled Hemp/Organic Cotton
  • Width: 55inch (139cm)
  • Weight: 6.4ozs/yd2 (216gsm)
  • Color: Brown (Yarn Dye)
  • Price: US$8.66/yard 
  • 1 yard=0.9144 meter

Unveiling our exclusive range - Recycled Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Plain Fabric. A perfect blend of durability and luxury, this fabric is a great choice for eco-conscious fashionistas. Made from hemp - the 'miracle' plant, known for its resistance to UV rays, mould and mildew, and cotton, which adds softness to the texture.

Our material is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, crafted with care to endure longevity. Ideal for creating a wide range of garments, from shirts, dresses to home décor items. The natural colour of hemp brings a touch of earthiness to designs, while the cotton ensures comfort.

Embrace the luxury of sustainable fashion. Get your hands on our Recycled Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Plain Fabric and experience the difference! Pledge to protect the environment without compromising on your style. Team up this fabric with your innovative designs to create pieces that are both attractive and responsible. Start using RE14476 today and stand out in the crowd while being environmentally thoughtful!

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