Our vertically integrated manufacturing process gives us oversight of every stage of production. We source the best, most environmentally friendly fibers; spin high-quality yarns; knit and weave fashionable, eco-friendly, durable fabrics; and make fashionable garments.

hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric
We work exclusively with our manufacturing facilities, where careful audits, long-standing relationships, and quality control staff ensure our strict standards are met. Fairtrade practices can be observed in all of our factories. We use only European Union-approved dyes and chemicals in our dyeing process and carefully monitor and control wastewater. All the cotton we use is organic and traceable back to its original farm via ECOCERT, a leader in organic certification for over 20 years.

hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric

At our hemp yarn factory, we employ cutting-edge technology to process hemp fibers and manufacture sustainable yarns of various colors and specifications, tailored to the textile and apparel industry's demands. We also offer customizable solutions to satisfy our customers' preferences. Our unwavering environmental philosophy promotes sustainable development and helps our partners improve their environmental image by investing in our high-quality, eco-friendly hemp yarns.

hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric

We have large knitting facilities with the ability to produce jersey, terry, pique, rib, and fleece… a majority of which is developed using a blend of hemp and organic cotton yarn.We also offer textiles made from a blend of recycled polyester and lyocell, providing our customers with even more options.

hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric woven

Our weaving factory has a monthly production capacity of 500,000 meters. With top-of-the-line weaving machines, we can produce fabrics with high yarn counts. We also have a reliable source of greige fabric supply, where we purchase and dye according to our customers' custom color requirements.

hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric dyed

We prioritize sustainability in our dyeing factory by exclusively utilizing chemicals authorized by OEKO-TEX and GRS for our dyeing and finishing procedures, as well as closely overseeing and managing our wastewater disposal. Our hemp and recycled polyester fabrics boast complete lifecycle traceability and undergo Ecocert regulation throughout the entire production process.

hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric dyed

Our dyeing factory spans an area of 57,400 sqm and features 11,000 sqm of workshops and wastewater treatment facilities. Our strength lies in dyeing and finishing high-end woven fabrics, using eco-friendly dyeing agents to meet infant-grade standards. We adhere to strict process control and are certified for our sustainable and traceable production process. With over 100 sets of high-end auxiliary equipment and nearly two decades of experience in textile development, we are committed to creating more environmentally-friendly fabrics.

hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric garment

At our garment factory, we have a clothing production line that can produce up to 900,000 pieces per year, including t-shirts, pants, dresses, hoodies, bags, and more.

Our production line is staffed with highly skilled and experienced designers, workers, and manufacturers who are committed to producing high-quality clothing for your business.

hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabricOur Seattle-based design studio is dedicated to creating innovative and stylish designs that showcase the unique properties of hemp fabric. We also offer in-stock sampling meters and stock-supported fabrics for customers to view and purchase.hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric

Finally, our e-commerce website makes it easy for retailers to order organic hemp clothing for their businesses. With our commitment to sustainability and quality, we are proud to offer a fully vertical system that ensures the highest level of control over every step of the production process.hemp factory hemp fiber hemp fabric