The Fiber of The Future

Innovation, performance, quality, and sustainability are the promises that the textile industry is striving to deliver.Our goal is to produce biodegradable products that operate within a closed loop and are free of pesticides. Our range offers a variety of textile options, including hemp as the primary fiber, as well as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and other sustainable fiber. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is unwavering. This is our way of delivering responsible textiles without compromising on quality or ethics.

Whole Industry Chain Certified

Vertical System

Our company operates a fully vertical system, which means we have control over every step of the production process.

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Bastine : Innovation Textiles Fabric of The Future

Sustainability, from the ground up.

Woven Fabrics for Bag/Cap/Shoes


Textiles are produced with the promise of innovation, performance, quality, and sustainability from the ground up.

Our selection includes homegrown hemp and organic cotton, tencel, recycled polyester, and much more.

We aim to create biodegradable, closed-loop, and pesticide-free products. We call it conscience without compromise.


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