Our Fibres

Our Fibres

Create the most eco-friendly fabric with compromising fashion style, performance, quality and reliability. Only use sustainable fiber to bring you the most premium quality products, make a better green planet.

hemp fiber hemp fabric

Hemp: The Oldest And Strongest Natural Fiber.

Hemp is a strong and durable natural fiber that has been used by humans for thousands of years. Hemp fiber is incredibly sustainable, biodegradable, durable, and versatile. It's also one of the most comfortable fibers out there! Hemp fiber is hypoallergenic, which means it's perfect for sensitive skin. It can also absorb odors so your clothes don't smell like anything but you!

It’s great for the environment, provides comfortable and sustainable clothing options, and has numerous health benefits.

hemp fiber hemp fabric

Organic Cotton: Certified Chemical-free.

Organic cotton is grown using techniques that avoid the use of harmful substances such as herbicides or pesticides. In comparison to traditional cotton farming, which contributes to high levels of toxins in the world's water, organic cotton farming presents itself as a more advantageous choice for both the environment and humans.

The cultivation of organic cotton provides a safer option for farmers, the environment, and consumers, while also leading to lower soil and water contamination. These methods promote sustainable farming, which ultimately contributes to a healthier planet.

Thus, choosing organic cotton is an essential initiative towards minimizing environmental damage and advancing sustainable fashion.

hemp fiber hemp fabric organic cotton

Recycled Cotton: Recycled Using Old Garments OR Textile Leftovers.

Recycled cotton utilizes cotton fibers that would typically go to waste during the manufacturing process - from spinning to garment cutting - and end up in landfills.

These fibers are repurposed to create distinctive fabrics, resulting in water and energy conservation and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. This is one way we demonstrate our dedication to sustainable practices.

hemp fiber hemp fabric recycled cotton

Recycled PET: Made From Plastic Bottles.

Over 800 million tons of plastic bottles are produced every year. Reusing the PET fiber from plastic bottles through recycling helps to lower landfill waste, while also significantly decreasing the air pollution that results from manufacturing new PET. Moreover, our recycled polyester fiber is both durable and high-performing while also soft to the touch and equipped with moisture-wicking abilities, making it easy to maintain.

Opting for recycled polyester is a simple way to reduce pollution.

hemp fiber hemp fabric recycled PET

Recycled Nylon: Post-industrial For Mininal Impact.

Our recycled nylon is obtained from fishing nets, which not only removes plastic from oceans but also helps to minimize the consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.

hemp fiber hemp fabric recycled nylon

Animal Fibre: Hand-collected Cashmere.

At Hemp Fortex, we create distinctive fabrics using hand-collected soft animal fibers. Our animal fiber materials are carefully crafted and developed into high-quality fabrics using OCS-certified techniques and EU-standard dyes and chemicals for dyeing and finishing.

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