hemp fiber Trinasolar

At Hemp Fortex we take sustainability very serious. Our Chinese production factories where we weave our fibres into many different weights and styles of textiles.Our company is also the only authorized agent of the world's first-tier brand "Trinasolar" in Rushan. Trina Solar's photovoltaic system has world-class quality and has ranked first in global sales for two consecutive years.

hemp fiber TrinasolarIn addition, the company's integrated subsidiary Hemp Fortex New Energy Company is a professional solar photovoltaic power generation installation company, with a professional team design and installation, which can fully guarantee the quality of the products purchased by customers and the after-sales service. The business involves photovoltaic home installation, industrial installation, commercial installation, ground power stations, photovoltaic greenhouses and other projects, responsible for construction, grid connection and subsequent maintenance.

hemp fiber Trinasolar


Using low-carbon hemp fiber and Organic cotton fiber to produce products, actively practicing the concept of sustainable development. The company’s got eco-friendly certifications such as GOTS, GRS, RCS, OCS, Bluesign, ISO9001, Fair Trade and BSCI etc., meet ecological and environmental standards enhance product value.
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