Pure Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Plain Fabric ( OG14504 )


Introducing Pure Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Plain Fabric

A must-have for the contemporary garment industry, Cotton is breathable, strong, and above all, soft and comfortable to wear. However, regularly grown cotton has a great environmental impact, releasing more toxins into our oceans than any other plant. At Hemp Fortex, we are trying to change this with our organically grown cotton. Free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, our organic cotton is keeping our oceans clean and eliminating allergens found in conventionally grown cotton. We are providing all the comforts of regular cotton without the worry of environmental impact. Our organic cotton collections come in a wide variety of weights, colours, and designs, and can be specified to your needs.

  • Code: OG14504
  • 100% Organic Cotton  
  • Width: 56inch (142cm)
  • Weight: 7.7ozs/yd2 (261gsm)
  • Color: Violets / Natural White / Navy
  • Price: US$9.95/yard 
  • 1yard = 0.9144 meter

Our Pure Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Plain Fabric (OG14504) offers superior quality and sustainable choice for all your fabric needs. Recognized for its mid-weight build, this fabric achieves a perfect balance between durability and flexibility.

Made from organic cotton, the fabric exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Its pure organic composition guarantees it free from any harmful substances, providing a healthy choice for your skin.

This plain fabric offers endless possibilities for your creative projects. Its simplicity makes it an ideal choice for dressmakers and quilters alike. Utilize it for apparel, home décor, quilting, or any project that needs a touch of high-quality organic fabric. Experience the difference with our Pure Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Plain Fabric.

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