Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Yarn Dye Fabric ( HG58D037A )


Why Choose Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Yarn Dye Fabric?

Discover the softness of cotton fused with the natural feel and weight of hemp. These signature fabrics are the best of both worlds and are available in a wide array of weights, designs, and colours. Always eco-friendly, our hemp and organic cotton blends are sophisticated, modern, and relaxed. 

  • Code:  HG58D037A
  • 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton
  • Width: 55inch (140cm)       
  • Weight: 6.7ozs/yd2 (226gsm)    
  • Color: Yarn Dye
  • Price: US$12.52/yard 
  • 1 yard= 0.9144meter

Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Yarn Dye Fabric combines the durability and natural beauty of hemp with the softness of organic cotton. This exceptional fabric has the strength to withstand repeated washing and wearing, and the comfort and breathability that makes it ideal for clothes, furnishings, and more.

Known as a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric, Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Yarn Dye Fabric has lesser environmental impacts in its production as compared to conventional textile materials. It uses low-impact dyes that are less polluting and more beneficial for the environment.

Top designers and creators prefer this fabric because of its versatility, functionality, and environmental benefits. It has a unique aesthetic, with natural fibers that create beautiful, rich colors. The mid-weight feature of the fabric makes it thick enough for durability, yet light enough for comfort and breathability.

Choosing this hemp and organic cotton fabric means you're not only investing in high-quality material, but also contributing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Try the Hemp & Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Yarn Dye Fabric today and revolutionize your projects.

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