Hemp & Organic Cotton Light Weight Fabric ( HG58D028F )


Discover the Charm of Hemp & Organic Cotton Light Weight Fabric

Discover the softness of cotton fused with the natural feel and weight of hemp. These signature fabrics are the best of both worlds and are available in a wide array of weights, designs, and colours. Always eco-friendly, our hemp and organic cotton blends are sophisticated, modern, and relaxed. 

  • Code: HG58D028F
  • 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton
  • Width: 55inch (140cm)              
  • Weight: 3.8ozs/yd2(128gsm)
  • Color: Natural White
  • Price: US$8.11/yard 
  • 1 yard= 0.9144 meter

Our Hemp & Organic Cotton Light Weight Fabric ( HG58D028F ) is the epitome of environmentally-friendly luxury. A unique blend of durability, lightness, and softness, this fabric elevates simplicity to a new style level. It upholds the strength of hemp while also enjoying the softness of organic cotton, offering you an unparalleled experience.

Hemp is a remarkably durable and sustainable material. It naturally resists pests, reducing the need for harmful pesticides. To complement this, the organic cotton used helps decrease environmental footprint while providing an incredibly soft feel, resulting in an eco-luxe textile that you can feel good about using.

The beauty of this light weight fabric lies in its versatility. With its excellent drape and outstanding comfort, it can be transformed into everything from stylish clothing to exquisite homeware. Embrace the Hemp & Organic Cotton Light Weight Fabric and let it inspire your next project.

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