Hemp & Organic Cotton Light Weight Plain Fabric ( HG5310 Print, 2 Colors )


Every year millions of plastic water bottles are littered throughout landfills and oceans. To help curb this litter, we are recycling wasted plastics and through careful crafting, turn them into luxurious and fine polyester yarns. The textiles are strong and flexible and when combined with the softness and breathability of hemp, create modern, eco-friendly, fashion forward textiles.

  • Code: HG5310 Print
  • 30% Hemp / 70% Organic Cotton
  • Width: 57inch (145cm)
  • Weight: 7.2ozs/yd2 (246gsm)
  • Color: green circle print / blue circle print
  • Price: US$11.72/yard 
  • 1yard= 0.9144 meter

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