Hemp & Organic Cotton Heavy Weight Terry Fabric ( KT21E810 )


Discover the Versatility of Hemp & Organic Cotton Heavy Weight Terry Fabric

▶ The softness of cotton rich in natural and weight.

▶ The iconic fabric of the textile industry, available in a variety of colours.

▶ Crafted from a mixture of hemp and organic cotton, it is always environmentally friendly, yet refined, modern and relaxing.

  • Code: KT21E810
  • 20% Hemp / 80% Organic Cotton Terry
  • Width: 58inch (148cm)
  • Weight: 10.3ozs/yd2 (350gsm)
  • Color: Natural White 
  • Price: US$13.51/yard 
  • 1 yard=0.9144meter

Our Hemp & Organic Cotton Heavy Weight Terry Fabric is crafted from high-quality, sustainable materials. Its heavyweight structure ensures durability while maintaining an incredibly soft texture, perfect for a variety of applications, from clothing to home textiles.

Not only is this blend comfortable, but it also provides numerous environmental advantages – being made from hemp and organic cotton, it's free from harmful pesticides and chemicals often used in traditional fabric production. This blend also benefits from hemp’s natural resistance to mold and ultraviolet light, making garments made from it long-lasting.

Whether you're a designer, retailer, or home sewer, this fabric offers an unmatched blend of quality, durability, and eco-conscious production. Trust in our Hemp & Organic Cotton Heavy Weight Terry Fabric (KT21E810) for your textile needs.

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