Hemp, Cotton, Yak & Polyester Mid-Weight Natural Plain Fabric ( CP4825 )


Hemp, Cotton, Yak & Polyester Mid-Weight Natural Plain Fabric

Discover the softness of cotton fused with the natural feel and weight of hemp. These signature fabrics are the best of both worlds and are available in a wide array of weights, designs, and colours. Always eco-friendly, our hemp and organic cotton blends are sophisticated, modern, and relaxed.

  • Code: CP4825
  • Hemp / Cotton / Yak / Polyester blended
  • Width: 56inch (142cm)
  • Weight: 5.5ozs/yd2 (187gsm)
  • Color: Natural Color
  • Price: US$14.69/yard 
  • 1 yard=0.9144 meter

Our Hemp, Cotton, Yak, and Polyester Mid-Weight Natural Plain Fabric blend is a unique combination ensuring durability and comfort. This innovative blend of natural and synthetic fibres provides the fabric with adaptability to weather changes, making it suitable for all seasons.

The fabric combines the best qualities of its component materials: the strength and durability of hemp, the softness and comfort of cotton, the warmth and uniqueness of yak, and the flexibility and resilience of polyester. This fusion results in a fabric that's not only robust and versatile but soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye.

Aside from its practicality, this fabric also boasts an attractive natural plain weave, giving it a timeless elegance suitable for both fashion and home decor. From stylish clothing to captivating home furnishings, this fabric's uses are as broad as your imagination allows. Discover the understated charm of our Hemp, Cotton, Yak & Polyester Mid-Weight Natural Plain Fabric today.

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