White Pink Recycled Hemp Tote Bag


HEMP is a naturally strong, breathable,and durable fibre. Hemp is fast becoming a ideally low environmental impact fabric for the future, as it is highly resistant to pests and its dense growth does not require chemicals of any kind. As well as being 100% compostable in its end use,?in plant form hemp regenerates and improves the soil health as it grows. Hemp bags are rot resistant, can be machine washed and have a texture like linen.

  • White Pink Recycled Hemp Tote
  • length: 37.5cm(14.76inch)  width:10cm(3.93inch)  high:44cm(17.32inch)
  • Pack length:59cm(23.22inch) / Packet bandwidth:4cm(1.57inch)
  • Colour: White Pink
  • Machine Washable

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