Hemp VS. Linen. Battle Of Two natural fiber

Hemp VS. Linen.  Battle Of Two natural fiber

Hemp and Linen are two kinds of natural fibers. Both have a long history and a wide range of uses. 

hemp fiber hemp fabricsBoth plants have been used for centuries to make fabrics such as clothing and bedding. Each has significant advantages over synthetic fibers such as polyester.

hemp fiber hemp fabricsWhile there are many similarities between hemp and Linen, there are also some significant differences. In our head-to-head comparison, we'll examine some pros and cons of hemp and flax. We will analyse these two versatile plants' cultivation, processing and end products.

You are wondering whether to choose linen or hemp for your next fabric purchase. Come and see the thing you need to know.

hemp fiber hemp fabrics

The similarity between flax and hemp

Besides having many of the same uses, fabrics made from hemp and linen have many of the same properties.

Both are tough fabrics that soften with repeated use and washing
Both materials are natural and breathable.
Both of these fabrics are highly absorbent.
Both fiber have antibacterial properties.
Both have hollow fibers that make them effective insulators.
Both fabrics are biodegradable.
Hemp and flax are robust and durable

hemp fiber hemp fabrics

The difference between hemp and linen

Beyond these similarities, there are some critical differences between cannabis and flax. To see them, however, you need to put both fibers under a microscope.

When you look closely at hemp and linen, you can see subtle differences in the shape and movement of the fibers. Hemp fibers have a polygonal section with rounded corners, and flax fibers have peaked with five to seven sharp corners.

The fibers of the two plants also differ in colour. Hemp ranges from yellow or gray to dark brown, while flax is paler. However, the absorbability of both fibers can easily be dyed into whatever color the manufacturer should choose.

Another significant difference between hemp and flax is the length of the fiber. Hemp fibers are four and seven feet long, while flax fibers are usually less than half that long. That's one of the reasons marijuana is so strong and durable compared to other natural fabrics.