Hemp & Recycled Polyester Mid-Weight Stretched Rib Fabric ( KR21B927 )


Details About Hemp & Recycled Polyester Mid-Weight Stretched Rib Fabric

Every year millions of plastic water bottles are littered throughout landfills and oceans. To help curb this litter, we are recycling wasted plastics and through careful crafting, turn them into luxurious and fine polyester yarns. The textiles are strong and flexible and when combined with the softness and breathability of hemp, create modern, eco-friendly, fashion forward textiles.

  • Code: KR21B927
  • 52% Hemp / 43% Recyecled Polyester / 5% Spandex
  • Width: 68.5inch (154cm)      
  • Weight: 7.5ozs/yd2 (254gsm)  
  • Color: Greyish Green / Navy Blue / Dark Grey
  • Price: US$10.55/yard 
  • 1yard= 0.9144 meter

Introducing our Hemp & Recycled Polyester Mid-Weight Stretched Rib Fabric, a unique blend offering robust strength, distinguished texture, and stretchable fabric. This innovative fabric is known as (KR21B927), a top choice among fashion designers for its versatility.

With a composition of Hemp and Recycled Polyester, this Mid-Weight Stretched Rib Fabric offers an excellent combination of sustainability and performance. The eco-friendly properties of hemp, combined with the durability of recycled polyester, result in a fabric that is both long-lasting and environmentally responsible.

The fabric offers medium weight making it ideal for use across different seasons. The stretchable rib characteristic gives the material a comfortable fit, suitable for various clothing articles, including tops, dresses, and sweaters.

This Hemp & Recycled Polyester Mid-Weight Stretched Rib Fabric features an elegant ribbed texture, adding a touch of sophistication to any attire. Highly adaptive, this fabric can be utilized for numerous fashion applications ranging from daily wear to high fashion.

Experience the difference that eco-conscious and comfortable fabric can make in your clothing designs with this Hemp & Recycled Polyester Mid-Weight Stretched Rib Fabric. Order today and elevate your fashion creations.

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